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ABLE United - Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville

As Florida’s qualified ABLE program, ABLE United allows for the creation of savings and investment accounts without negatively impacting federal benefits such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid. Like a Roth IRA or a 529 college savings plan, ABLE United is a tax-free savings account that allows individuals to save up to $14,000 per year.

ABLE United Offers Even More

Saving for the future is a way of life for many; but for individuals with disabilities, fear of losing benefits has prevented them from considering all their options to build financial security. With ABLE United , individuals with disabilities can now save for a better life experience.

  • Save affordably: no cost to open, no application fee and no minimum contribution
  • Save with the help of family and friends: Anyone can contribute to an ABLE United account
  • Save tax free for future qualified expenses: Includes basic living expenses such as housing, transportation and education

Eligibility Requirements

An individual with a disability may only have one ABLE account. There are a few eligibility requirements for opening an ABLE United account – click the button below to learn more.
Eligibility Wizard

Contact ABLE United

Phone: Customer Service team can be reached at 1-888-524-2253 (Mon–Fri, 9am–6pm ET), or 1-844-888-2253 TTY (Mon-Fri, 9am-8pm ET).
Email: Contact us HERE • Find us on Facebook!