Employment Readiness

Working Towards SuccessEmployment Readiness Course (Ages 16+)

This six week course will be offered to individuals working towards a goal of employment. Essential employability skills such as enthusiasm/attitude, communication skills, problem solving, professionalism, teamwork and networking will be taught at a comprehensive level to prepare participants for entering the workforce. The training will also place a focus on workplace etiquette including professional appearance and behavior. Fundamental interviewing skills and resume preparation will be incorporated into the course.

Each participant will have the opportunity to create a resume highlighting their skills and abilities. Using an array of teaching methods including small group interaction, role-play, videos, and written and oral activities, the DSAJ hopes to effectively and realistically prepare individuals to be competent employees in the community workforce.

Making It WorkJob Task Training for Employed Individuals (Ages 18+)

This course will be offered to individuals who currently obtain a part-time or full-time employment opportunity in the community. The purpose of this program is to provide ongoing one-on-one support to the employee both in and out of their workplace. Participants will work with instructors to review critical workplace skills and topics such as gaining more responsibilities at work, asking for assistance, and what to do upon completion of duties. Each participant will create/update their resume which will highlight their individual skills and abilities.

Participants will have the opportunity to partake in individualized job task training, based upon their current occupation, focusing on the preparation and improvement of skills and tasks needed for them to be competent and capable workers.

The overall objective for job task training for each individual is to work towards job task independence that can be transferred into their place of employment.