Employer Support

Work It OutEmployer Support Program

The Employer Support program will allow the DSAJ to partner with employers that have provided opportunities of employment to individuals with Down syndrome. This program is designed to provide an adequate support system for employers which will create and maintain a successful working environment. The “Work It Out” Employer Support Program will offer guidance and suggestions on addressing any challenges.

The Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville, along with the service provider will work one-on-one with the employee to provide additional training. In addition, Down syndrome education, training and awareness is offered to the employee’s colleagues to ensure a comfortable work environment is in place for all.

Employ a Person with Down Syndrome

Do you want to add an employee who will have the most enthusiasm, the best attitude and the ability to make everyone around them happier in your workplace? Please contact Debbie Revels at Debbie.revels@dsaj.org for more information on how to recruit your next best employee!